During the course of the game, you'll meet many Allied characters. Some of them will offer hints and information; others will directly support you during operations. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your allies, where to find them, and what roles they play in the Allied cause — you can't win the war all by yourself!

The Good Guys


Cpt. William "B.J." Blazkowicz

You are our hero, the greatest spy and bravest risk-taker the Allied forces have ever known. You'll take on the fearsome Nazi regime as you blast your way to victory. If you can survive the might and fury of the Third Reich, you may do battle with the diabolical Adolf Hitler himself, who is twisting science with the occult in his pathological mission to conquer the world! The fate of all free nations hangs in the balance — failure is not an option.Cpt. Dirty Douglas Blake

Cpt. "Dirty" Douglas Blake

Your sidekick, and the most reliable comrade you've ever had. Together, you've shared many adventures and survived many missions (some narrowly!). Dirty Douglas has many years of service on his record, and he's earned the respect and admiration of his inferiors and superiors alike. He will provide information and support during your missions, guiding you through tricky situations.General John H. Miller

Gen. John H. Miller

As the highest-ranking commander of the resistance in Great Britain, General John H. Miller oversees a variety of guerilla operations across Europe. He's an experienced leader with an outstanding reputation, and he's the top authority at headquarters. He'll brief you before each mission.

General John H. Miller

Sgt. Dean Ascher

Sgt. Dean Ascher is a reliable and faithful comrade, and therefore the perfect choice to be General Miller's right hand man. His experience and talent for planning has not only been proven on the battlefields of Europe, but also in the beds of many nurses, hairdressers, secretaries and other female employees. He's a ladies' man, no matter where the girls come from - which may not always be a good thing.

Lt. Laz Rojas

Lt. Laz Rojas

Injured by German bombs, Lt. Rojas can no longer participate in operations directly, but that doesn't prevent him from helping the Allied cause. He is a weapons expert with several underground contacts to groups working to subvert the Third Reich and the Axis. He may also be able to procure extra supplies and reinforcements — for the right price. Juliette "Shotglass" Bertrand

Juliette "Shotglass" Bertrand

Formerly a fighter in the French resistance, she now assists at Allied headquarters under Gen. Miller's command. She served in numerous operations during the attack of France, where you met her and witnessed her skills firsthand. Now, she oversees all kinds of errands and keeps the mess hall running smoothly. She still participates in guerilla operations in France and Central Europe, though most of the time she does so remotely, from headquarters.Prof. Klaus Gutenberg

Prof. Klaus Gutenberg

It goes without saying that not every German supports the Third Reich, and Gutenberg, a German refugee and a brilliant scientist, emphatically condemns Hitler's methods and Nazi ideology. Though Lt. Rojas caught him as a hostage in the spring of 1939, Gutenberg pledged his loyalty to the Resistance. At headquarters, he assists the Allies by conducting experiments, deciphering encrypted files, and sharing his knowledge of the Reich's plans. That knowledge is a major advantage over the Axis, so hopefully he's chosen the winning side — his fate would be unspeakable if the Nazis were to recapture him.Cpt. James Ryan

Cpt. James Ryan (M.I.A.)

Your former superior and comrade. Cpt. James Ryan was one of the greatest spies in the war, completing difficult missions and returning with information that only he seemed able to uncover. Unfortunately, he's been missing in action for several months, ever since an operation in southern France from which he didn't return. His whereabouts, dead or alive, are unknown.
Cpt. James Ryan

Lt. Ty "Bones" Haldermann

His callname is "Bones" for a reason: he attended medical school, and he ended up in the war more by accident and less because of any inclination to fight. He'll tend to your wounds after each operation and will occasionally provide direct support in action.

Lt. Randi Heit

Lt. Randi "Gear" Heit

"Gear" seems to be a clouded and discharged drunkard, but in times when his wine consumption is on a reasonable level, he can be very helpful when it comes to electronics and technology. He is a nerd, yes, but on the other hand, he is a genius.

Other Characters

Other Characters

During the campaign, you'll meet many other characters, especially at headquarters. All of them have valuable information to offer, so it's highly recommended that you talk to each of them. Wisdom is might, and some operations will be very difficult to complete without certain hints, so take the time to gather as much information as you can!

The Bad Guys

General Fettgesicht

General Eugen Fettgesicht

General Eugen Fettgesicht is the supreme commander of the Africa Corps and one of Hitler's most experienced generals. Infamous not only for his cowardice on the battlefield and letting others do the dirty work for him, but also as a fanatic when it comes to the occult. It's said that his goals include more than just conquering Northern Africa.

Doctor Schabbs

Doctor Josef Schabbs

The head of Hitler's holocaust, Dr. Josef Schabbs is responsible for the concept of the Jewish Question, as well as the deportation of hundreds of thousands of the Reich's enemies to concentration camps. He's also an expert at fathering equally-villainous sons with his wife — all of his sons work in the German science program. Moreover, Schabbs directs the genetic experiments that the Führer developed to turn prisoners into mindless soldiers. Not much is known about these experiments, but the latest messages, intercepted and decoded by Allied intel, have revealed the first details Schabbs' "Project: Eisenmann."

Adolf Hitler

Adolf "Der Führer" Hitler

Adolf Hitler, Europe's nightmare come true. Celebrated as the liberator of the German Reich, he appointed himself Führer and turned the world into a battlefield. He is a maniac, driven by wrath and madness; his only goal is to exterminate all those whom he deems subhuman, and to subjugate all the free peoples of Europe. His zealous belief in the occult might be both his strength and weakness when it comes to turning the tides of war. Your ultimate goal is to stop him before his wicked plans succeed.

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