Tipps & Hints

Quest Items

Some objects require a specific item before they can be used. If you collected the necessary quest item, hold use for interaction.

Stealth mode activated

You are the intruder!

Some missions feature stealth gameplay where you have to sneak around. Keep an eye on the visibility indicator on your HUD!

Lt. Laz Rojas' Armory

Lt. Laz Rojas

Collect money by finding treasure during missions. See Lt. Laz Rojas at the armory, where you can spend all that hard-earned cash!

Medical Units

The Reich has sent in medics, who are able to revive dead soldiers. Do not kill them: if pinned down, they will surrender.

Prof. Gutenberg's Lab

Prof. Klaus Gutenberg

Visit Prof. Klaus Gutenberg in the laboratories at HQ. He might have some goodies for you, and perhaps even a special operation...

Characters at the HQ


Talk to the characters at headquarters; some of them have useful information and tips for you.

Resource Chests

Resource Chests

The Nazis have locked and hidden away many chests filled with loot. Find them — just make sure to bring a key!

Explosive Hazards

Easily inflammable and high-explosive objects are scattered around. They are dangerous - use them to your advantage.


German infantry are not only smarter, but also more agile. They can dodge some of your attacks and take cover.

Mine Detector

Mine Detector

Always carry a mine detector with you — it's often essential! You may buy one from Lt. Laz Rojas at the armory.

Training Course

Training Camp

Feeling overwhelmed by the controls and features? The training course at HQ will help you learn the mechanics.

Totale Gier

Time to beat up those greedy Nazis like fat piñatas made of gold. For one minute, this powerup makes Nazis drop money when you kill them.

Different boss types

Health bars indicate stronger enemies — normal ones are grey, unique ones are gold, end bosses are red.

Allied Spies

Allied spies are involved in later missions to support you. Don't be too quick shooting them, they might be able to help you.

Totale Macht

Too many enemies to deal with? This will give you an edge by making you invincible, and recovering your health for a few seconds.

Text Papers

Occasionally you will find text papers with valuable information. They are not necessary to beat the game, but are story-relevant.


The Wehrmacht may be oblivious, but the Gestapo are not! Stay away from them when you are disguised, or they blow your cover.

Interactive Props

Interactive Objects

The environments and locales feature many interactive items. An orange arrow indicates a thing you can use or interact with.

Quick Kick

Kick it like Müller

Low on ammo? Bored with your combat knife? Use your stamina and kick some ass — kick it like Müller!



The krauts have hidden equipment in some barrels — and explosive gunpowder in others! Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Mission Summary

Allied High Command evaluates your success or failure accurately. Check the mission summary for your details in the briefing room.

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