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  •  Spuštění WolfenDooma přitom není vůbec nic složitého. Stačí si ho prostě stáhnout odsud a poté spustit. Nic víc opravdu není potřeba. [..]

  • It’s an amazing showcase of the malleability of GZDoom, and a fascinating clash of shooter styles into an ambitious campaign that somehow still feels cohesive [..]

  • Todas as armas do jogo possuem utilidade e são divertidas de usarem. As pistolas atiram rápido e conseguem mais dano do que sub-metralhadoras, os rifles [..]

  • Despite the fact that I'm not big on playing computer games, this one sounded awesome, and since GZDoom is running natively on Linux, I gave it a try [..]

  • This is basically one of the best DOOM mods I've come across. It's a 90's-style story-driven FPS. http://boa.realm667.com/
    #doom #90s [..] Twitter by John Romero

  • Bis zum Release vom frisch angekündigten Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus musst du leider noch vier Monate warten, aber bis dahin kannst du in Blade of Agony [..]

  • Blade of Agony might not be your style of gameplay, but it’s a disservice to say it isn’t one of the most significant releases this year. From the opening cinematic [..]

  • Wenn du damals im Informatikunterricht heimlich die Shareware-Version von Wolfenstein 3D gespielt hast, solltest du unbedingt einen Blick auf das erste Chapter [..]

  • "Fanoušky retra a dne už zapomenutého umění zabíjení nacistů v reáliích druhé světové války může potěšit modernizovaný pohled na původního Wolfenstein 3D..."

  • "Do you remember a time when Wolfenstein hero B.J. Blazkowicz was a grinning, bum-chinned sprite with shiny blue twinklers rather than a morose sad-eyed man in a broken world?"

  • Wolfenstein 3D ist Teil meiner Jugend. Wir haben es damals heimlich am Schul-PC gespielt, wie es sich gehört, und so den Reiz des Verbotenen gleich doppelt auskostet.

News & Blog

Oh, Snap! WolfenDoom available as snap for Linux

Written by Kevin Caccamo

WolfenDoom: Blade of Agony is now available as a snap package for GNU/Linux Distros that support it. Thanks to mcphail, installing and playing WolfenDoom on Linux has never been easier.

For those unfamiliar with snaps, a snap package is a GNU/Linux app in a container. A container is a self-contained environment for running apps. All of the libraries the app needs to run are bundled inside the container with the app. If the app requires a library that is not included in the snap (such as graphics drivers), it is used from the host system. Detailed information about installing and playing the WolfenDoom snap can be found in our F.A.Q.

Chapter 2 "Shadows of the Reich" released!

Written by Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

We did it! After polishing the second chapter of Blade of Agony for the past 3 weeks we are here to proudly present the release of "Shadows of the Reich", an all new episode that directly connects where the thrilling action and plot ended in "The Staff of Kings", which is also included in the release with a lot of improvements and additional surprises. So what's new?

  • High-resolution sprites for all actors (monster,npc; not only upscale, real detail) as well as completely new enemies
  • A total of 11 new maps (as well as all maps from chapter 1)
  • Improved effects and features (dialogue screen, npc ai, doors, cutscenes, skins, models)
  • Introducing GZDoom's latest new engine features (ambient occlusion, lense distortion, shadow maps, bloom effect)
  • Exciting and interactive plot with a lot of surprises

...and that's only a fraction of all the things to come. Don't waste any more time, get psyched, get "Shadows of the Reich" just now!

Chapter 2 release postponed

Written by Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

We have been waiting for this day since November 12th last years so the least thing I can tell is, that we are as disappointed as you might be now that we have to say: There will be no release of Blade of Agony's Chapter 2 this saturday. After discussing this internally for more than a week, we had to decide that we want Shadows of the Reich and the original chapter The Staff of Kings to be the best possible experience for players. But currently we are struggeling with issues our beta testers reported as well as problems with the performance on large maps and special effects with weaker or older computers.

Sure, we could have said "If it runs too slow, deactivate the effects or buy a new machine" but this is not our philosophy. We want to reach as many persons as possible, who are interested in this project and try to give everyone the same experience when playing (without reducing settings just to make it run with a few fps faster). We really hope you understand this and we already want to thank you for your patience during this delay, as we promise to prepare the best sequel that can possibly be made. Stay tuned - stay psyched!

Chapter 2 release trailer

Written by Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer

You are imprisoned, the Reich continues to develop their technological advantage and the Allied forces are being pushed back on all fronts. Time for your escape, William.

After another 6 months of development we actually can't wait for the release of the final trailer for Chapter 2 from Blade of Agony in just about one week. If you feel the same, we have prepared a short trailer for you about "Shadows of the Reich" which can be considered - just the way George Lucas would like it - as the dark part of the trilogy. Expect the unexpected, watch the trailer now and get psyched!


The adventure continues - Chapter 2 release date announced

Written by Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer
Get ready to escape the most terrifying Gestapo prison of the Reich
Get ready to escape the most terrifying Gestapo prison of the Reich

After another half-year since the release of the first chapter of WolfenDoom: Blade of Agony Chapter 1: The Staff of Kings, we are proud to announce the date you have all been waiting for.

WolfenDoom: Blade of Agony Chapter 2: Shadows of the Reich will be released on May 20th, which also marks the 17th anniversary of Realm667.

And with this announcement, there will also be a few improvements that come with Shadows of the Reich, including a near-complete overhaul of The Staff of Kings (replaying that is a "must"), new models, new and reworked textures, and improved game mechanics. Shadows of the Reich continues from the point The Staff of Kings left off, with you in a Gestapo prison in eastern Europe. You will encounter new enemies, new weapons and new locations through 8 different missions -- even 2 more as a reward if you are attentive enough.

There is one thing that is new in Shadows of the Reich that we are most proud of - something that has taken an unimaginable amount of effort, dedication and work: High-resolution sprites for all enemies and NPCs throughout the mod -- not only upscaled, but highly detailed artwork similar to the Wolfenstein 3D Mac version - something that hasn't been seen in a comparable project yet. Check out the new screenshots in our media page for a proof of concept, and stay tuned for more information soon.

Chapter 1 "The Staff of Kings" released!

Written by Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer
Don't hesitate, get it now!
Don't hesitate, get it now!

"You are B.J. Blazkowicz, the greatest spy and biggest risk-taker the Allied forces have ever known. Take on the might and fury of the Third Reich as you blast your way to victory!" After a development time of exactly 21 months, we are proud to finally announce the release of the first chapter of Blade of Agony titled "The Staff of Kings". With a total of 7 maps, orchestrated music, combined low-poly models and pixelated 90's style beauty, armament from the battlefields of WWII, interactive NPCs and many more amazing features never seen in a Doom mod before, this is one of the largest releases the community has ever seen - at least in terms of digital size and scale. Join historical battles, relieve the action from the Second World War from a new perspective and battle the diabolical Adolf Hitler, who is twisting science and the occult in his pathological mission to conquer the world. The fate of all free peoples hangs in the balance - failure is not an option. Get the first chapter of Blade of Agony now from our Download area, make sure to read the info pages while it's loading to not get lost too easily.

Chapter 1 release date announced

Written by Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer
Paris is under siege
Paris is under siege

Almost two years have gone now and we are proud to finally announce the release date for chapter 1 of our WolfenDoom project Blade of Agony. On the 13th of November, we will unleash the first 7 maps that are part of "The Staff of Kings". Expect a story-driven and action-packed experience, based in the european battlefield of 1940. There are so many things to discover that I strongly recommend watching the trailer. And for a good knowledge of situation, characters and story, it makes definitely sense to read the rest of the webpage's content to be ready to start with chapter 1 in about two weeks. We are totally excited and can't wait for the day as we are looking forward to your feedback and your thoughts. Get ready to get psyched - watch the trailer now!

Development Blog and Website online

Written by Daniel "Tormentor667" Gimmer
Europe is a battlefield
Europe is a battlefield

After a development of 16 months, mostly in private and inside the community of its base game engine ZDoom, it was about time to start getting the attention of the whole Doom community! Working as a media designer and developer for print- and web-based marketing products, I felt responsible for doing more to promote the project. To cut a long story short: Welcome to the official page of our project Blade of Agony, a mod based on the classics Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, with influences from Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Medal of Honor. Here you will find in-depth and detailed information about the project, its features and also the releases — as soon as there are some! Bookmark the page, like our social pages and stay tuned.

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