Did you know that ...?

Operation: Eisenmann

Operation Eisenmann

there's a secret mission in Chapter I inspired by another WolfenDoom original that you can access by collecting all the Eisenmann files?

Commander Keen

there were no enemy rotations in the original Commander Keen games? They were made specifically for Blade of Agony by pixel masters of Keen modding community.

Back to the Future

Jukebox of Ages

the jukebox not only survived WWII, it ended up being used in a space station built by the Union Aerospace Corporation!

Castle Wolfenstein

interiors of the last map were strongly inspired by the beginning of a popular early-2000s Wolfenstein game?

Fate of Wolfenstein

Fate of Atlantis

you can find & collect special Mayan artifacts to unlock a secret mission in Chapter II? Sophia Hapgood even wears one as jewelry — doesn't she look charming?

Wolfen Commander

Wing Commander's Shotglass

Juliette Bertrand's callsign comes directly from Wing Commander? "Shotglass" also works as the barkeeper, if you're missing the reference!

Under Müller's thumb

Max Otto von Stierlitz is the main character in the most famous Soviet book and TV spy fiction series? His incredible luck did not follow him to Blade of Agony's world...

Chef Team

the Chefs cooked a great game for you? Have some mercy upon them!

Rest in Peace

Ty Halderman, R.I.P.

Lt. Ty "Bones" Halderman was named after the leader of TeamTNT who passed away during Blade of Agony's development? An homage to a major figure in the history of Doom modding.

Indiana Blazkowicz

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

there's not only an homage to Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail but a complete replica of a famous scene in C1M6?

Operation: Astrostein

there's a secret mission in Chapter II inspired by another WolfenDoom original that you can access by collecting all the Ancient Artifacts?

Wolfendoom Origins

WolfenDoom by Laz Rojas

Blade of Agony's biggest inspiration is WolfenDoom by Laz Rojas, who is also an actor and director? Just in case you wonder where you get your extra supplies from...

The Umbrella

one of the secret missions in Chapter III implements many ideas from the Resident Evil series?

Saving Private Ryan

Private James Ryan

Cpt. James Ryan and General John H. Miller are named after characters from a well-known WW2 movie?

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