Europe is a battlefield. World War II has reached every corner of the continent: from the cold climes of the far north, to the industrial states of Central Europe, and all the way to south of the Mediterranean Sea. France and Poland have fallen under Nazi occupation, and the Nazis have also conquered the Scandinavian peninsula, giving their submarine forces a strategic advantage. The Nazi presence extends even to the north of Africa, under the banner of the fearsome Afrika Korps.

1 north
2 middle
3 south
4 centralgermany
5 frenchcoast
6 eastpoland

As the battlegrounds of WWII are diverse, so too are your operations; all of your missions will be unlike any other. Expect battles in the icy fjords of the north, guerilla operations in the cities and towns of Europe, and support missions against the Afrika Korps in the arid winds of the desert. Your duty will carry you to all sorts of locales, from volcanic islands to subterranean laboratories; from excavation sites to prisons that hide unspeakable horrors. You'll carry out missions while traveling by train — and by zeppelin! And perhaps you'll even pay a visit to a familiar castle...

Some missions will have you hold your ground against waves of enemy forces; in others, you'll be on the attack yourself. Some operations will necessitate stealth, while others will require speed. Blade of Agony will offer variety, not only in the places you visit, but also in the types of missions you'll carry out in these locales. This variety is one of the project's major goals, and we have lots of surprises prepared for you!

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